Job Requisition - FAQs

How does e-Recruitment tell the difference between externally funded and HEFCE funded posts?

The Recruiter is required to enter the appropriate funding code when they are creating the e-Recruitment Job Requisition.

During the Job Requisition process will we be able to see where the Job Requisition is and who still needs to approve it?

Yes - the status screen shows each stage for your Job Requisition. The recruiter is able to see who has approved it and who it is currently with.

How will I know who should approve a Job Requisition?

The rules as to who should approve a Job Requisition have been agreed with your Faculty PVC and Director of Operations and the Registrar & Secretary for Professional Services.

The approval routes for each Faculty and Professional Services are available on the web at:

What should I do if we want to start the recruitment process and enter a Job Requisition before all the funding is confirmed and set up in uBASE?

You should contact your Departmental Finance representatives in Research Finance/Faculty Finance Team. If it is appropriate for recruitment to commence before the funding is set up they will be able to advise you as to which code you may use inthe interim.

Will there still be a Finance check to ensure there are sufficient funds in the budget for the vacancy?

The e-Recruitment Job Requisition validates the finance codes and dates that you enter, against those in uBASE but it does not check the budget or confirm that sufficient funds are available to allow you to recruit. It is important that you continue to liaise with your Finance support to confirm your funds before you begin the e-Recruitment process. Finance colleagues are included in each agreed Job Requisition approval route.

Who drafts the About the Job and advert that will appear on the web and when should that be completed?

The departmental Recruiter should work with the manager, wishing to recruit, to draft the About the Job and the advert. These should be MSWord documents and an electronic copy must be attached before the Recruiter can release the Job Requisition for approval. The recruiting department should contact their Departmental HR Operations contacts if they require any assistance or advice in drafting these documents.

Do e-Recruitment Job Requisitions cover recruitment to both existing positions and new positions that aren't created in uBASE yet?

Yes - when the Recruiter is creating the Job Requisition they will be able to either enter the existing position number(s) or enter the department and how many positions are being advertised if they are new positions.