e-Recruitment: Offer Phase

Hiring Process: Offer Phase Once the Selection Panel have identified their preferred candidate, the Recruiter will send a request for the candidate to complete a Health Assessment Questionnaire; complete the Request to Appoint form; and notify the unsuccessful candidates.

Request to Appoint: The Request to Appoint form is completed within e-Recruitment. This form does not require approval. The details will be checked against the approved Job Requisition for the vacancy by Human Resources.

Tracking progress: Throughout the Hiring process the Recruiter is able to track the activities processed for each candidate by highlighting an individual candidate and clicking on the Process Activities button. This is of particular benefit to the Recruiter during the Offer Phase and at the Appointment stage, as it provides visibility of the completion of all tasks including those processed by other departments. These may include:

  • Human Resources verifying the information in the completed Request to Appoint form
  • The contract/offer letter being issued to the successful candidate
  • Certificate of Sponsorship being issued following the completion of the Eligibility to Work process, as appropriate.