e-Recruitment: Panel Member Guide

Shortlisting: e-Recruitment provides a user-friendly process to support the assessment of applications on-line. Shortlisting within e-Recruitment:

  • is easily accessible. On-line shortlisting may be performed anywhere the panel member has access to the internet.
  • automatically aggregates the panel's ranking per candidate, supporting an efficient selection process and allowing the Recruiter to automatically sort the candidates during the remainder of the Hiring process.
  • provides visibility within the panel of the assessments and comments from the other panel members.
  • helps to minimise the University's environmental impact.
  • supports an efficient and effective selection process, by including four ranking categories to minimise the need for multiple rounds of shortlisting before selecting candidates for interview.
  • may still be used by the panel members to record the assessment of candidates even if they prefer to have paper copies of the applications and About The Job.
  • for information entered into the system, the recruiting department are not required to also store the relevant paperwork for six months. Please note: if a panel do not enter their assessment of the candidates within e-Recruitment the existing requirements to store detailed justifications relating to the selection process, on paper within the department, continue to apply.

Within e-Recruitment, the Recruiter will assign all the appropriate panel members to the Job Requisition Recruitment Group, including interview panel members that were not required to participate in the shortlisting process.

Updating the Recruitment Groups: The composition of the panel assigned within the Job Requisition Recruitment Group may be amended, at any time, without affecting the status of the Job Requisition.

Step-by-step instructions on how to perform on-line shortlisting are provided in the Panel Member Training Guide, attached as a download on the right of this page.