Recruiter Training

To gain Recruiter access to the e-Recruitment system, you must attend a Recruiter training course. Under no circumstances will access be granted without attending this course beforehand. You can request to attend a training session through this form.

For details of what being a Recruiter involves, please refer to the Recruiter Role Description.

In addition to learning the technical aspects of the system, the course also teaches new recruiters the correct processes to follow, identifies the different roles and how they interact with the system, their data protection responsibilities and role in ensuring the University adheres to its duty of ensuring all staff who work here are eligible to work in the UK.

It is advised to minimise waiting times, you register interest in the course as soon as there is a possibility that you will need Recruiter access. For example, if a new employee to the University is due to start and a main part of their role will involve acting as a Recruiter, you can register their interest before they commence their role.

Courses are arranged when there is sufficient demand.

Please be aware that Recruiter access can only be granted to University staff members. Access cannot be granted to casual or agency staff.

Staff who have Approver access cannot also have Recruiter access. You will need to reach a decision as to which role you require. Approvers do not need to attend a training course.