e-Recruitment Upgrade Project

Human Resources and CiCS are working to improve e-Recruitment for all users.

The aim is to improve the user experience for all those who use e-Recruitment, whatever their role in the recruitment process. New developments will be made available to you as soon as they are ready, so in order to keep up to date, be sure to check this page regularly.

We will also write to you to highlight changes we think will particularly benefit you.

12 January 2015: Upgrade Complete

The system was upgraded over the weekend, completing a day earler than planned. User guides have now been updated and over 200 recruiters have been trained. Feedback from the training highlighted the benefits of reduced clicks and a simpler process.

Pursue the Extraordianary

3 November 2014: Getting There

We've been quiet lately because we've been busy building and testing the new look Recruiter pages for e-Recruitment. Things have taken a little longer than hoped and this meant we were able to continue with the eRecruitment training until mid October. Now, however, training is definitely suspended as we build our new training database.

We will shortly be emailing all Recruiters with details of a series of short 'refresher' training sessions to give you a chance to see the new system and learn what the new changes are (and there are quite a few changes for the better). You can look forward to fewer clicks on key tasks; Recruitment, Selection and Contract Administration brought together in a single 'dashboard' view; fields that appear dynamically as required; easier to send Work Health Assessment questionnaires; and the ability to transfer candidates to another requisition yourself.

3 March 2014: Work Continues on e-Recruitment

The project team are working hard to implement the new system which will introduce process efficiencies and improve user experience.

The progress of the project means the training system for the current version of e-Recruitment will not be available after the next round of Recruiter training (scheduled for March 2014).

Therefore we will be unable to provide Recruiter training until further notice.

As part of this project we will be designing and delivering training for both new and existing Recruiters, using the new system. Further details of when this training will take place will be released in line with the project plan. 

Getting There


25 November 2013: Work Starts on Re-building Recruiter Pages

We have now entered the phase of the project concerned with re-building the pages used by staff during recruitment processes.

Re-writing pages in the latest SAP technology will allow us to introduce significant process improvements, implement improvements suggested by an independent review of e-Recruitment and support a greater range of browsers.

Updates will be available via this page as the work progresses, with information on demonstration events and staff training being available in due course.


6 November 2013: Ending Escalation Periods

In order to increase the efficiency of the approval process within e-Recruitment, Recruiters are now able to end escalation periods rather than wait up to 24 hours for these to end automatically.

When a requisition is undergoing approval, requests are sent to each Approver in turn. Should a request not be actioned within 5 days the request is put on hold and returned to the Recruiter to allow them to make changes in the approval route, such as nominate a different Approver. This enhancement means rather than wait for the escalation to end automatically after 24 hours, Recruiters can now end the escalation period themselves, so the Approver can access the request without further delay.

In addition to this, notifications will now be sent to all Recruiters rather than just the Recruiter that released the Requisition for approval.

Guidance on how to use this new functionality can be found here.


4 November 2013: Attachment Filtering

The attachment filtering enhancement prevents documents attached to the application form as part of a previous applications being submitted to recruiting departments. For posts at grades 1 to 5 candidates are not required to submit attachments such as CVs as part of their application. Until now, had candidates previously submitted attachments during the application process for a post at grade 6 and above, this was forwarded to the recruiting department when they applied for a role at grades 1 to 5. This enhancement prevents irrelevant information being submitted to Recruiters, creating processes efficiencies.


24 October 2013: Additional Application Source Categories now Available

To support the University in exploring new methods of attracting candidates, additional Application Sources have been added to e-Recruitment. This will allow applicants to specify if they saw our adverts on social media such as Linked In, Twitter or Facebook, or on via our exciting Pursue the Extraordinary site, created using the University's employer brand.

This enhancement will help to evaluate the success of these channels helping to inform decisions with regards to recruitment campaigns.

Social Media

24 September 2013: Google Analytics embedded into Job Search Engine

Google Analytics will help to ensure your advertising budget is directed to the most appropriate sources. By analysing data from pages within e-Recruitment, we can see where traffic originates ensuing value for money for your campaign. The data now available through these tools will help to inform recruitment strategy by giving Human Resources access to a wealth of data on the behaviours of users on our jobs site.

Google Analytics

23 September 2013: e-Recruitment Correspondence re-branded

Communicating with candidates in a modern, effective way is key to ensuring engagement from talented potential staff members. Prior to the upgrade, correspondence sent from e-Recruitment to candidates was plain text, and contained long, unwieldy, links to items such as job adverts. This enhancement uses HTML code within the email allowing images to be included, reinforcing the employer brand. HTML also allows the creation of hyperlinks embedded into text, removing the need to include the full URL of the target page, which makes for a much more user friendly experience.


2 September 2013: Job Search Engine Re-branded

In order to provide a consistent look and feel to the application process, the Job Search Pages and the Application Wizard Pages have been re-branded. This enhances the candidates' user experience by minimising the differences between the corporate site and the application form.

Jobs Logo

29 July 2013: Latest version of e-Recruitment Installed

Over the weekend of 27/28 July, CiCS and Human Resources worked to install the latest available version of e-Recruitment released by our software supplier SAP. This ensures that the application form supports Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

This work provides the technical foundation necessary to make process and design changes suggested by the recent independent review, conducted by Recruitment Consultants TMP Worldwide.