User Guides

The main user guides cover all parts of the e-Recruitment process in detail, both for recruiters and HR. Click the guide title to go straight to the user guide. Further information about each stage of the recruitment process is also included for reference in the description.

The quick guides are a new style of guide that cover the most commonly asked actions in e-Recruitment that recruiters ask HR, including but not limited to how to raise a contract admin, closing a requisition, sending emails within e-Recruitment and how to transfer a candidate from one requisition to another.

The quick guides have been designed to help inform recruiters how to easily do specific tasks in e-Recruitment, without having to look through in depth user guides with a lot of content. We are open to feedback on these and if there are quick guides you would like to see that aren't currently covered please do get in touch. You can contact HR at to discuss in the first instance.

Main Guides

Job Requisition

How to create a requisition, fill out the job details, cost distribution and recruitment group and release for approval. Further information on the creation of job requisitions, including the process flowchart and checklist can be found here.


A guide for approvers, how to navigate the messages screen and approve or reject a requisition. Further information on requisition approvals, including approver routes can be found here.


A guide to the employee-led redeployment process, short-listing redeployees and notifiying HR to advertise externally if no suitable matches at this stage. Further background information can be found here as well as in the useful links on the right hand side of this page.

Job Posting and Publication

For HR. Entering Advert details and making vacancy available to applicants. Further information on this stage can be found here.


Including running the bulk download, identifying Disability Confident candidates. Further information and links to the hiring process flowchart can be found here.

Panel Member

A guide to online shortlisting, an overview of the panel member screen and how to record assessments of candidates. Further background information and links on being a panel member can be found here.


Inivting shortlisted candidates to interview and notifying unsuccessful applicants. Further information on processes can be found here.

Offer Phase

Request to Appoint Questionnaire, notifying candidates they have been unsuccessful after interview, setting candidates to rejected. Further FAQs about the Hiring process as well as the checklist can be found here.

Health Assessment Questionnaires

Managed by our external provider Health Management Ltd.


For HR. Checking the relevant activities for the candidate to be appointed have been done.

Quick Guides

Contract Admin

How to raise a contract admin in e-Recruitment.

Viewing Requisitions in Different States

How to see all requisitions you are working on, change the status of requisitions you can view as well as see where a requisition is in the approval route.

Ending Escalation Periods

How to end the 24 hour escalation period of your requisition early if you're happy with the approval route.

Creating and Using Recruitment Groups

How to create and manage recruitment groups for commonly used approvers, panel members and recruiters.

Bulk Download and Attachments

How to run the bulk download, bulk attachments and view the shortlisting report.

Disability Confident (previously Two Ticks)

How to check for candidates who have indicated they would like to be considered under the Disability Confident scheme and attach a questionnaire for the panel to review.

Sending Emails

How to send correspondence through the e-Recruitment system at various stages of the recruitment process.

Transferring Applications Between Requisitions

How to copy a candidate application from one requisition to another for processing.

Closing a Requisition

How to close a requisition once the recruitment process is complete.


How to add attachments to your requisition and a candidate's recruitment profile.