Chairs of Interview Panels

Mandatory Recruitment & Selection training for Chairs of Interview Panels
Staff with responsibilities for chairing selection/interview panels must have completed the Mandatory Recruitment & Selection Training for Chairs of Interview Panels. Courses are delivered online in MOLE.

To access the training, you need to sign into MUSE, and open MOLE. Then the instructions for potential course members are as follows:

  1. Log onto Blackboard (MOLE)
  2. Click on the link to enrol on the course shown below. This takes you to the Self enrolment page for the course.
  3. On the resultant screen, simply click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  4. You will then see confirmation of your enrolment - click ‘OK’. The course will then open for you.

Enrol on the course

Role of the Chair of Selection/Interview Panel

As lead representative of the University of Sheffield on the interview panel the role of the Chair is to ensure that:

  • fair and equitable practice is positively promoted throughout all selection action and sound decisions are made in the selection of candidates.
  • selection action does not discriminate on grounds of gender, trans-gender status, race, disability, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation.
  • selection action is conducted with integrity and any inappropriate behaviour is challenged.
  • all selection action is undertaken in accordance with University policy.

They must also undertake all essential action as specified within the Chairs of Interview Panels’ Checklist for Action for each stage in the selection process.

The Chair has final decision-making authority where the selection panel is divided.

 Further Guidance

Within e-Recruitment, all your recruitment and selection activity will be co-ordinated by your departmental Recruiter. They will ensure all vital details are recorded on the system, including interview/selection panel membership, decisions/outcomes etc. Recruiters will be able to advise you further on good practice interview/selection action in general, and specifically on who would be the most relevant trained colleague to invite to Chair the Interview/Selection Panel from within your department or Faculty, as appropriate.

(The full membership of the Interview/Selection Panel must meet the requirements detailed within the Indicative Membership of Selection Panels guidance)