Guidance Notes for Recruiting Departments - Payment of Job Candidate Expenses

1. General advice

Please note that candidates travelling within a 40 mile radius of the University of Sheffield will not be eligible to claim expenses to attend selection events.

To calculate a 40 mile radius (Distance as the Crow Flies) from the University's central postcode, S10 2TN, please use the following link:

The expenses policy for job candidates travelling from outside a 40 mile radius of the University of Sheffield, can be found on the right-hand link and this guidance should be provided to candidates in advance of the selection event.

2. Arrangements for Selection Candidates

General Arrangements

When inviting candidates to a selection event, recruiting departments should ensure that candidates are supplied with an expenses claim form and supporting guidance. The recruiting department should also ensure that candidates are informed that they are responsible for paying their selection expenses in the first instance, which can then be claimed back from the University. It is also important to advise candidates that any claims should then be submitted to Human Resources, with all original receipts, promptly after the selection event.

Travel & Subsistence

Candidates should be advised that all travel to attend selection events must be made by the most economical method available and that subsistence will only be paid for candidates requiring overnight accommodation.

Accommodation & Flights

Candidates who require overnight accommodation or flights, must request authorisation from the recruiting department, in advance of making any reservation. Candidates should be asked to book accommodation and flights themselves, which will be reimbursed according to the criteria defined in the Expenses Policy for Job Candidates, which can be found on the right-hand link. The University will reimburse approved accommodation costs up to £55 per night.

Recruiting departments should consider utilising University accommodation, subject to availability, in the first instance. Enquiries can be made by contacting the ConferenceWithUS team, either by telephone on 0114 222 8822 or by email on . Further details can be found at

Alternatively, the following local hotels normally provide room only accommodation within the standard reimbursement rates and may be suggested to candidates:

• Premier Inn -
• Ibis -
• Travel Lodge -
• Jurys Inn –
• Cutlers Hotel -

3. Payment of Candidate Expenses

Who pays for selection candidate expenses?

Candidate’s expenses will be paid from the recruitment and selection expenses budget, managed by HR, providing the following criteria is met:

  • Claims must comply with the associated Expenses Policy for Job Candidates (see right-hand link).
  • Claims must not exceed £250 for candidates travelling from within Europe.
  • Claims must not exceed £400 for candidates travelling from outside of Europe.

If claims exceed the maximum amounts noted above, claims may not be covered by the recruitment and selection budget and the recruiting department will be responsible for reimbursing candidates for part or all of the amount claimed, by providing HR with a departmental code to which part or all of the costs of the claim can then be charged.

How will expenses be refunded to candidates?

Once submitted and approved, claims will processed by the Department of Finance, who will then reimburse candidates either by cheque or by BACS into the candidate’s bank account.

Payments made in sterling will normally be paid by bank transfer (if full bank details are provided), or a cheque from the Department of Finance, which will be sent to the address provided on the claims form.

Payments made in foreign currencies will be calculated on the exchange rate in place on the day that the claim is processed and will normally be made by bank transfer; therefore bank account details will be required.

4. Managing costs associated with recruitment and selection

The following guidance is provided to recruiting departments to ensure that recruitment and selection costs do not escalate unreasonably:

  • Arrange the agenda for the day by considering the distances that candidates will have to travel in order to attend. Try to ensure, wherever possible, that candidates can travel to and from the selection event in one day.
  • If a candidate requires overnight accommodation in order to attend the selection event, advise them of the University/local accommodation whose cost is within the reimbursement restrictions.
  • Always clearly inform candidates about what expenses they will be eligible to reclaim, prior to attending the selection event. Guidelines on the payment of expenses and a claim form should be provided to candidates ideally in advance or on the day of the selection event.

Overseas Candidates

Overseas candidates may be invited to attend selection processes, providing that they are one of the strongest candidates being considered for the post.

It is important, however, for recruiting departments to minimise the expense and environmental impact of unnecessary travel, by considering additional selection options, before inviting candidates from overseas to selection events. For instance, to ensure that the candidate is of sufficient standing to warrant the investment to attend the full selection process, departments should consider utilising remote selection methods, e.g. telephone or video conferencing, to make an initial assessment of the candidates suitability.

Further guidance and booking information for video conferencing services can be found at

Recruiting departments may wish to seek advice from their HR Adviser, in advance of inviting overseas candidates to attend selection events.

1 April 2012