Managers' Toolkit for Induction

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Congratulations on appointing your new member of staff!

Now that you have successfully completed the recruitment process, it's important to remember your appointee's journey at the University has just begun. It is vital, both to the individual and to their team or department, that new colleagues feel welcome, settle in quickly and are able to perform effectively in the role to which they have been appointed.

An excellent induction programme offers the opportunity to welcome your new colleague to the University, engage them with their new department and the wider University, and familiarise them with information needed to undertake their role effectively. The first few days and weeks in a new job are crucial to the motivation and retention of staff and a good induction experience lays the foundations for future staff development.

All new colleagues need an induction, whether they are here full-time or part-time, on open ended or fixed term contracts, new or promoted, transferred and redeployed staff. Staff returning to work may also need further support to feel settled back into their role. The information on these pages can be used to assist with this.

Resources to help you plan an effective induction can be accessed by following the links below.

Inducting New Colleagues During COVID-19

An effective induction is especially important during the coronavirus pandemic. Additional support needs should be considered for those more vulnerable or greater impacted by COVID-19 and the current working arrangements. For instance, international staff relocating may not have a local support network outside of work and may struggle navigating their way around a new city. With many new staff having no, or limited, face to face interaction with colleagues, this can lead to them feeling isolated or unsupported.

The “How to have a wellbeing conversation” digitally blended learning module can support managers to have wellbeing conversations with new colleagues. Informal opportunities to connect as a team, such as virtual team lunches, can be a great way to help a new colleague settle into their role. Pairing up a new colleague with a member of the team is also a helpful way of providing additional support, please see our buddying web page for more information.

Inform new colleagues about the Staff Networks at the University, which can offer support and guidance and often run a number of events throughout the year around a shared commonality. If relevant, share the COVID-19 information for international colleagues with your new colleague, or direct your new colleague to the information for colleagues at increased risk of COVID-19. Please also consider this brief guidance about how to support colleagues wellbeing, which can be used for new colleagues as well as ones who are already in your team.

To find out more about induction, please see the links below. Where possible, managers should consider how induction can be adapted and delivered virtually. A New Colleague Checklist is available to download from the link on the right side of this page.

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Create an effective induction for your new colleague

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HR resources to support induction