The Power of Difference: how will recruitment at Sheffield be different?

Planning your vacancyPlanning your vacancy

When you identify a vacancy in your team you will assess the current diversity of the team, and identify the criteria for the person you need, not only to do the job, but also to bring difference to your existing team.

This will help you to create a person specification that clearly describes the criteria you identified - i.e. the talents and strengths you will be assessing against during recruitment.

Recruitment plan & designRecruitment plan & design

We will provide tools to help you in de-biasing your person specification and advert.

From here we can then help you to develop, and put into action, an effective search and recruitment plan which focusses on finding the best person for the team and the role.

Sourcing your talentSourcing your talent

Your HR team will then provide specialist recruitment advice and support in identifying the best and most effective sourcing options for your role in order to grab the attention and interest of the most talented applicants.

Using varied approaches to advertising and sourcing, you will secure a strong longlist of quality applicants from diverse pools for your role.

Shortlisting, interviewing & selectionShortlisting, interviewing & selection

We will introduce you to new methods and approaches to assist with shortlisting, interviewing and selecting applicants that help you to really focus on what the candidates can do rather than what our biases might see in each person.

We will provide training and templates for those involved in shortlisting and interviewing to support these new approaches.

The changes that you will see in our approaches are developed with reference to the research and work of Professor Iris Bohnet. Want to know more? Watch the following youTube clips: