Role and Responsibilities

As a Recruitment & Selection Network Member you are the department´s expert on all matters relating to the recruitment and selection of staff. You are at the heart of the department´s recruitment and selection activity and have the confidence of your departmental colleagues at every level.

You have the full support of your Head of Department (and the Faculty Director of Operations if relevant) to carry out your role and attend training and update sessions.

The role of the R&S Network member is reviewed annually by the Department/Faculty to ensure it continues to reflect appropriate representation for the area.

Your role

You are the focal point for the co-ordination of all staff recruitment activity within your department.

You cascade and share your knowledge, via training, briefings, one-to-one advice etc, with those departmental colleagues who are recruiting and selecting staff to ensure that they adhere to good practice and the law, including that relating to equal opportunities and the prevention of discrimination during the appointment process.

You ensure training is provided to recruiting colleagues on the e-recruitment system and ensure that they are confident with the on-line recruitment and selection procedure.

You are pro-active in ensuring that members of your department, who recruit and select staff, increase their own understanding of the University´s recruitment and selection procedures and how they should approach recruitment and selection for every appointment.

You share ideas, knowledge and information with Human Resources and other colleagues involved with the Recruitment & Selection Network to ensure that the University´s practices are consistent and fair, and lead to the appointment of the best talent.

Once a new member of staff has been appointed you ensure that a formal induction programme has been put in place to cover at least the first 2 weeks of employment.


To enable you to carry out your role you receive regular training throughout the year and are invited to network meetings where you can meet and share your experiences with other network members.

You receive a regular newsletter and have access to a dedicated web site so that you can keep up to date with new information and share best practice.

You have access to on-line support and materials, including that for staff induction ( and the recruitment and selection handbook available on the HR webpages.

You are able to refer any queries or discuss any matter that you are unsure about with your HR Adviser or HR Assistant.

Benefits for you

This is an excellent development opportunity. You work with colleagues from across academic departments and with professional support staff to develop expertise in this key area of the University´s business. The appointment of the best talent to each vacant post is critical to the ongoing success of the University.

As the lead contact for recruitment and selection issues within your department you gain experience of training, briefing and advising colleagues from all levels.

You stay conversant with the current legal position relating to recruitment and selection and are aware of current cases and decisions which may affect the University´s practices and procedures.

You have the opportunity to meet and network with colleagues from across the University and develop useful contacts from within your department, Faculty and beyond.

You are able to share your ideas to improve the Recruitment & Selection Network and take forward development activity.

Benefits for your department

Your department can be certain that best practice is being adhered to for each appointment, thus lowering the risk of claims from potential or existing staff of unfairness etc in the recruitment and selection process.

Departmental staff who are involved in recruitment and selection activity have a known contact within the department to whom they can address queries and concerns.

Through you they can be assured that all staff are able to use the University´s e-recruitment system and that all new staff have a formal induction programme upon arrival.


Members of the Recruitment & Selection Network are nominated by the Head of Department. The Head of Department (and the Faculty Director of Operations if relevant) will ensure that the proposed colleagues can meet all the role requirements above.