Final checks and job offer

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This section provides guidance on the process to follow once you have completed assessment and have decided which candidate you would like to appoint.


Once you have decided which candidate you would like to appoint there are still some key steps to go through. Moving through this stage swiftly will help you secure your preferred candidate. You will decide who you would like to appoint and inform them before final checks are complete, but you should be careful about the language you use at this stage, where you are 'recommending the appointment' of the candidate as opposed to formally offering them the job, this is because final checks might highlight a problem that prevents the appointment of the preferred candidate.

Final checks

Once you have decided which candidate you would like to appoint, you will go through the process of final checks and offering them the job. It is usually best to hold off telling any unsuccessful candidates who you believe could be appointable until after you have had an acceptance from your successful candidate.


Recruiting managers differ over when they check references, but they must have been checked before a candidate is appointed. If you are not seeking references until after the decision is made, then ensure you have built in enough time to factor in for the delay in response.

Eligibility to work

Before offering the successful candidate the job you must have confirmed their eligibility to work in the UK. Documentary proof should be taken during the assessment process.

Health assessment

All new employees are required to undertake a Health Assessment Questionnaire. This process is managed by Departmental Recruiters and is completed via the HML online portal.

Criminal record checks

Certain jobs will require criminal record checks. These include jobs working with children and/or vulnerable adults, jobs requiring access to financial resources and jobs in academic departments working in sensitive fields.

Qualifications and accreditation

You may wish to ask for evidence of the candidates qualifications and accreditation to any professional body. You will either need to get this information from the candidate or the awarding body.

For more detailed information see the section on pre-employment checks.

The job offer

When offering the job to the candidate you must consider pay and additional benefits. Your aim should always to be to pay at the lower end of the advertised spine, but you may wish to offer a greater amount due to the candidates experience or potential. Do not exceed the higher end of the advertised spine unless in exceptional circumstances after agreement from your Faculty Human Resources team. You may wish to offer other benefits such as relocation support. More information on next steps can be found in the Making the Appointment section.