The Sheffield Academic


Introduction to the Sheffield Academic

I would like to thank colleagues for their contribution to the discussions and open conversation about the Sheffield Academic during the recent consultations. The final Sheffield Academic statement can now be found on these pages.

The Sheffield Academic statement was produced by a Review Group which I chaired. In producing this statement, we considered the academic literature relating to the research/teaching nexus, commissioned reports of excellence from each faculty, and held University-wide open consultations. The information and opinion gathered throughout the review was used to underpin, develop and refine this statement describing the Sheffield Academic.

We believe that this statement is particularly useful for external use at a time when Government funding for higher education is under pressure, and when we will increasingly be required to explain, and also defend, what we do.

This statement also provides greater clarity internally about the mix of qualities and responsibilities that distinguish the Sheffield Academic, in a university where world-leading research and excellent teaching are inextricably linked. This description of the Sheffield Academic is a key component of how we work towards the kind of university we aspire to be, and will be especially relevant for staff recruitment and career progression, and departmental practice.

Work will now begin in HR and across the University to ensure that the aspirations underpinning the statement are embedded into the University's procedures and culture.

Professor Tony Payne
Pro-Vice-Chancellor – Social Sciences
(January 2010)

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