We believe that there are opportunities for development everywhere. Learning is not just about attending courses, it is about how we improve what we do, based on all that we experience.

Development everywhereIn our Power of People strategy we have promised to “enable and support every individual to realise the impact of working at their optimum performance on their own goals, their team and the University.” So, regardless of your role we think that there are a set of skills all of us need to develop our talent and pursue the extraordinary. Based on research and designed to complement the Sheffield Leader these themes are:

  • How we create and innovate
  • How we influence and network
  • Understanding how we impact on others
  • How we make decisions

To help facilitate your learning and develop your skills in these areas, at a time and in a way that suits you, on these webpages you will find a range of resources, including learning events, videos, online resources and books.

We have also shaped the resources around these three big ideas:

  1. Development is everywhere - It's not just about attending courses.
  2. My development is my responsibility - As an individual, you need to be proactive about the development that you need
  3. Thinking is the beginning - The first stage of your development is giving some thought to the development that you need.

The four themes

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If you’ve visited our pages before, know exactly what you’re looking for or only have two minutes to spare we’ve developed an A to Z directory of resources as a good place to start.