Active learning set

Target Audience:

Anyone who wants to spend a bit of time out of the office, thinking about how to move forward with something they are stuck on.

Brief Outline:
This event follows the broad principles of action learning sets, and takes them outside, hence active learning set. This half hour session will give you a chance to get away from your office and work with colleagues on resolving problems you may be facing, in a different environment.

As it is only a short session, you will be encouraged as a group to continue meeting (and walking) on your own to carry on working on your issues.


This special event, delivered as part of Thirty30, give participants an opportunity to examine problems in a different environment, and to consider them from a different set of perspectives.


At the end of this learning event, participants should be able to:

  • Explain and use Action Learning as a problem solving process.
  • Start to work on real issues, and generate actions.
  • Identify the benefits of spending time outside to work on problems

For dates and times of sessions, and to enrol, please visit the Learning Management System via the link on the right. For further information please email