Get Noticed

Target Audience:

All female staff

Pre Requisite:


Brief Outline:

Aimed at all female staff across the University who want to make a greater impact, this highly motivating and empowering workshop is designed to help women increase their credibility, be taken more seriously, project self-confidence, present their most powerful personal and professional self and receive the recognition they deserve.


This one-day course is aimed at women who want to understand, take charge of and raise their personal impact. It will enable participants to develop greater awareness of their own image and how they can unconsciously hold themselves back. It provides immediate and practical tools and techniques, alongside individual coaching, to help you come across more powerfully and impressively. From the visual messages you send to the written and spoken language you use, this course will empower you to boost your image, put your potential into practice and make your mark.


By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Acquire techniques to come across more effectively, influentially and confidently (even if it’s the last thing they feel!)
  • Project a strong and competent presence
  • Build a sense of personal authority
  • Make their contribution count

For dates and times of sessions, and to enrol, please visit the Learning Management System via the link on the right. For further information please email

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