Positive Influencing Skills

Target Audience:

Anyone who has to use the power of influence to get things done

Pre Requisite:


Brief Outline:

Achieving objectives at work can often be dependent on the way in which we get the help, co-operation and commitment of others. This workshop will introduce techniques that can be used to improve individuals’ personal influencing skills and will provide opportunity for people to work on the real challenges that they face in the workplace.


Positive Influencing Skills gives you practical skills and tools to gain the co-operation of others and bring them around to your way of thinking – without manipulating them. It will boost your effectiveness, professional impact and personal credibility.

Specifically the session will cover:

  • Influencing styles; understanding how we influence and what can be done to be more effective
  • Getting to win/win; exploring strategies for more effective influencing
  • Understanding the reasoning and perspectives of others.

The aim of the session is to introduce participants to a number of techniques that can be used and to provide ample opportunity for people to work on the real challenges that they face in the workplace.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Assess your current behaviours and approaches, replacing those that reduce influencing effectiveness with ones that will enhance it
  • Rapidly determine how to influence someone by understanding their perspective
  • Identify the positive influencing techniques you can use to influence other people positively and with confidence.

For dates and times of sessions, and to enrol, please visit the Learning Management System via the link on the right. For further information please email staffdevelopment@sheffield.ac.uk

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