Managing Meetings

Target Audience:

All staff who manage meetings. The emphasis is on chairing less formal meetings rather than formal structured committee meetings.

Pre Requisite:


Brief Outline:

This learning event will introduce you to some key tools and techniques to enable you to effectively prepare for, manage and follow up on actions for meetings that you manage.


We spend a lot of our working lives in meetings. They can be incredibly important as sources of information, or as ways to get decisions made, amongst other things. In order to obtain the desired benefits from these meetings, they need to be effectively managed. This learning event provides you with an opportunity to begin thinking about the meetings they manage, to ensure they are as useful as possible.


At the end of this learning event, you should be able to:

  • Describe the different types of meetings at the University, and their purposes
  • Prepare effectively to manage a meeting
  • Review and develop your own performance in managing meetings.
  • Plan methods to follow up on meeting actions.

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