SRDS Skills For Reviewers

Target Audience:

If you have the responsibility for carrying out SRDS review meetings and want to develop your skills in giving feedback and setting objectives then this one day skills development session will be of benefit to you.

Pre requisite:

Participants are encouraged to have read the SRDS guidelines before attending.

Brief Outline:

This full day session will focus on developing the key skills of delivering feedback and agreeing and setting objectives required by reviewers to carry out SRDS meetings effectively. It is led by staff from Human Resources. This course does not cover the details of the SRDS process and therefore participants are encouraged to have read the SRDS guidelines.


The purpose of this interactive course is to help reviewers develop/ enhance their skills to conduct effective SRDS review meetings.


• To identify and use the relevant skills needed to undertake effective SRDS meetings
• To implement a variety of tools and techniques as appropriate in review meetings in line with the requirements of the SRDS process.

For dates and times of sessions, and to enrol, please visit the Learning Management System via the link on the right. For further information please email

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