SRDS Webinar


This session introduce key elements of the purpose, principles, and process of SRDS and other linked processes.

Brief outline

This lunchtime webinar, will focus on the purpose, principles and process of SRDS, including engaging staff with the process completing the paperwork, and how it links to other related processes, such as reward and recognition.

Target audience

This session is suitable for all SRDS Reviewers. Participants are encourage to have read the SRDS guidelines before attending.

If you have experience carrying out appraisals, but want an introduction to the University's process, then this webinar is perfect for you.

If you have not reviewed anyone before, and want to develop your review skills, then the SRDS Skills for Reviewers learning event may be a useful additional event to attend.

Delivery format and dates

The session will be delivered as a webinar, using Adobe Connect, during a lunchtime. The session will last between 45 minutes and an hour. You can sign up for the webinar on the Learning Management System, accessible from the link on the right.