Understanding Unconscious Bias

Understanding Unconscious Bias is a video rich resource which provides the user with an in-depth understanding of the nature of bias, how it impacts on the workplace and how individuals can act to eliminate this influence. This stimulating and dynamic new resource is set to reignite diversity in the workplace and improve the quality of our decision making.

How to eliminate prejudice in your organisation

We need to create an environment in which issues of bias can be discussed openly, calmly and rationally. Demonstrating a willingness to examine our own personal prejudices is integral to understanding the roots of stereotypes and bias in the workplace. Our blended learning programme examines how and why people are biased and the impact this has on relationships, decisions and organisations in general.

Key learning outcomes

Understanding Bias will help:

  • Raise awareness of bias in people and organisations
  • Examine the impact of prejudice in decision making
  • Demonstrate ways in which we can reduce, if not eliminate, bias in our decision making
  • Improve the quality of line manager decisions about staff
  • Reduce persistent inequalities in key processes
  • Introduce fairer decisions in customer facing issues
  • Improve the cultural agility and competency of your business

Course details Overview

Suitable for teams of all types, this two part course has been designed to help people at all levels including operational managers and staff, HR managers and trainers and senior executives and business leaders. The course contains more than an hour's worth of insightful video content including re-staged psychological experiments, high quality drama scenarios and expert analysis. It has been structured into parts, with the first part focusing on the nature of bias, with the second examining the impact of bias on decision making. Individual scenes look at "pressure points" when bias is more likely to have an impact including recruitment, performance reviews and inductions.

This course is accessible from MOLE. Please sign in to MUSE, access MOLE from the My Services menu and open MOLE. Then click on the link to the right to access the course.

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