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Communication is the art of giving, receiving, processing and interpretation of information. Information can be conveyed verbally, non-verbally, actively, passively, formally, informally, consciously or unconsciously. We have listed some resources on communication in between projects and project teams.

You can also find other resources in the Understanding how we impact on others section of Development Everywhere.


PM videos halfManaging project communication

This course will help you streamline your communication into a steady flow. It will give you strategies on how to prioritise who gets what information, how to create a communication plan, and how to create a clear, well written report, that is more likely to be read. It also covers some common communication challenges.

PM videos halfCommon project communication problems

This video provides a snapshot of communication problems within a project context and how to deal with them.

PM videos halfCommunication

This video explores the key questions you need to ask about communication within project management.

Web resources

PM web halfEffective strategies for fostering team communication

A three minute read on effective strategies for proper communication

PM web halfEssential communication processes for effective project management

A blog post outlining the importance of effective communication and ways it can be practiced.

PM web halfTemplate on project communication and how to use it

Some example project management communication templates