Risk ManagementPM Risk

The following section contains resources to support you in developing your risk management skills. The resources in this section will help you answer the following:

  • How do we go about identifying risks
  • Identifying the probability of risk and evaluating its impact
  • Planning for risk and responding when events do occur


PM videos halfRisk management basics: What exactly is it?

This five minute video will give you a basic introduction to risk, and risk management.

PM videos halfPlotting and managing risk in projects

This five minute video includes some practical tips on how to identify risk so that you can more effectively plot and manage risk factors in projects.

PM videos halfIncorporating risk management into your project

A five minute video which looks at how to anticipate, assess, and manage project risk—whether your project is large or small. Discover how to gauge your stakeholders' tolerance for risk, assemble a risk plan, build a risk register, and maintain project continuity as risks crop up.

PM videos halfRisk management

A four minute video which presents a model for identifying and managing risk.

Web resources

PM web half10 Golden Rules of Project Risk Management

Approximately a 10-15 minute read covering 10 rules for risk management in projects.

PM web halfRisk Management...the What, Why, and How

An article on on the Basics of risk management. It gives suggestions as to where risk can come from as well as a process to work through.
Reading time: approximately 10-15 minutes

PM web halfThe Essentials of Managing Risk in Your Project

This website has 9 elements which relate to risk and risk management. Each element takes approx 10-15 minutes to work through.