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In project management, a schedule is a list of a project's milestones, activities, and deliverables, usually with intended start and finish dates. The items included on the list are often estimated in terms of resource allocation, budget and duration, linked by dependencies and scheduled events

A schedule is commonly used in project planning .


PM videos halfManaging project schedules

This course takes a look at the elements that go into a schedule; how to estimate costs and resources; best ways to negotiate and allocate resources; and how to manage a schedule over time. (One hour 33 minutes)

PM videos halfCritical chain project management

This nine minute video explains the difference between critical path and critical chain analysis and then explains how to create a critical chain

PM videos halfCritical chain method - an introduction

This five minute video has been created by students to explain what a critical chain is. It contains useful information on some human factors that can get in the way of project plans. We would love to see if you could make a better video!

PM videos halfWhat is a work breakdown structure?

A five minute video which explains what a work breakdown structure is and how to create one.

Web resources

PM web halfProject schedule development

This webpage goes into some detail on all aspects of scheduling, from why bother to some tools and techniques to use.

Reading time: Approximately 30 minutes

PM web halfHow to build a project schedule in five easy steps!

This webpage outlines the five steps required to build a project schedule.

Reading time: Approximately 10 minutes

PM web halfWhy projects finish late

A blog post on why projects finish late.

Reading time: Approximately seven minutes

PM web halfProject scheduling and resource levelling

An article covering the steps involved in creating a work breakdown structure.

Reading time: Approximately 10 minutes