Project structurePM structure

Project management structure is the hierarchy of the people involved in the project. The project management structure visually explains who needs to report to who in the project, and who takes directions from who.


PM videos halfYour first step as a project manager

Learn the first steps that you need to take as a project manager to start your project and make sure that it will succeed. 6 minutes 42 secs.

PM videos halfOrganisational Roles - Project Manager vs Project Sponsor

At 41 seconds this brief clip covers the difference between the project manager and the project sponsor.

PM videos halfYour role as a project manager

Discover a definition of the project managers role. This short video includes insight on managing the project, leading the project team and handling issues and risk. 2 minutes 25 seconds

PM videos halfManaging project teams

This course provides hints and tips for managing the collection of capabilities and personalities that make up your project team. As project managers, we depend on our project teams to achieve project goals.As a result successfully managing teams is a major aspect of project management. (1 hour 23 minutes)

Web resources

PM web halfProject structure and organisation

A guide on different roles position and their jobs.

Reading time: Approximately 20 minutes

PM web halfA brief overview of project management structure

A detailed look at the role of the project sponsor and the relationship between them and the project manager.

Reading time: Approximately 20 minutes

PM web halfProject management

A great overview of managing a project along with some useful tools and techniques.

Reading time: Approximately 30 minutes

PM books halfManaging a project team (eBook)

There are many reasons why managing people in a project environment are different from managing them in a departmental setting. These differences make the this aspect of the project manager’s job more complex than his or her departmental equivalent even though they may be responsible for similar numbers of people. This means that a good project manager requires all of the people skills of a line manger together with an appreciation of the additional issues that exist in the project environment.