Getting the most from our resources

A really useful place to start is the Understanding how you learn page, which gives you some insight into the different ways in which we learn. If you’ve visited our pages before, know exactly what you’re looking for or only have two minutes to spare we’ve developed an A to Z directory of resources as another good place to start.

If you think we’ve missed something, or don’t like the resources we’ve identified or find something that you think is better - we want to hear from you! There is so much out there that we may not have seen what you have, experienced what you have or had to apply learning into your environment so please do let us know what you think

For the keen eyed among you, you will notice that some learning events/resources fall under more than one theme - they will be referring to the same events/resources, we wanted to ensure that all possible learning was covered.

If you’re looking to develop role specific skills in any of the following areas please click on the links that follow:


Training for staff and postgraduate students


Learning technologies team

Learning technologies


LeTS staff have broad-based expertise in areas of professional development for learning and teaching. We support teaching practice through accreditation, certificates, award programmes and events. We run a range of scheduled courses and workshops to help staff develop the effectiveness of their teaching and evaluate student learning. You may also find the Expectations of Teaching Pathway roles page useful.


Research Services

Development opportunities for research staff. 

Research Services

Supporting the Supporters

Staff development and training for University staff whose role is student-facing, involves student support or student administration.

Student Services

Technician Registration

Information on the Science Council's professional register to recognise the range of knowledge, experience and professionalism that are sought after by employers and demanded by the public.

Hot air balloon


The University of Sheffield Research and Innovation Community (RICOM) is the community for professional services staff at the University who support research and innovation activities.


Useful Guides Library

The Useful Guides provide information on a range of topics, which can be accessed from the quick links box on the right. You will need to enter your University username and password, and will be automatically redirected to an external website.