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This section of the site looks at what it means to make an impact on others. The impact that the University of Sheffield makes on others - locally, nationally and internationally - is an essential part of our ongoing success and we believe that understanding how what we do impacts on others is key to approaching our work, whatever that may be.

Having an impact can be something as simple as a conversation you have with someone - whether they’re external to the University, such as a prospective student, or internally, perhaps when trying to promote a piece of work to a colleague - or could be part of a longer-term professional relationship, perhaps when you’re line-managing a team. Whatever the circumstances, we believe that reviewing and developing the skills that can make an impact is key to helping you to really make a difference with your work.

The following pages contain information about a range of tools you can use to develop your skills in relation to improving the impact that you make. These range from making an impact on the staff you manage - such as developing motivational skills - through to helping you to develop excellent presentation skills, and being equipped to handle difficult conversations.

These pages aren’t static, and we will be adding more to them over the coming months. It would be great to hear some of your stories about how you impact on others, or how this skill is supported in your work area, so please get in touch.

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