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As work becomes more complex, integrated and fluid we will find ourselves more dependent than ever on others in order to pursue the extraordinary. Whether seeking funding, attracting students, teaching, delivering on key University priorities there are lots of different people who we will need to engage with and influence to help us achieve our aims. In this environment influencing and networking skills are vital.

Please find below information for you to use, covering skills development related to how you can influence other people, as well as some examples of these skills in practice. It would be great to hear some of your stories about how you influence others or network, or how this is supported in your work area, so please get in touch at Join the conversation.

Learning events

Learning events are an opportunity for you to meet with colleagues who would like to develop their influencing skills, and will give you opportunities to put this learning into practice in a structured and supportive environment.

The learning events may require you to do some prior reading, and all will rely on you being ready to contribute and get involved when you attend. We look forward to meeting you and working with you.

Click on the links to find out more and to book your place.


Influence events halfPositive influencing skills

Achieving objectives at work can often be dependent on the way in which we get the help, co-operation and commitment of others. This workshop will introduce techniques that can be used to improve individuals’ personal influencing skills and will provide opportunity for people to work on the real challenges that they face in the workplace.


Videos give you the opportunity to find out more about particular skills you’re interested in developing, and in some cases see examples of that skill in action. We have collated below a selection of videos covering influencing and networking skills. There are also resources for managers, covering managing people.

Do let us know if you find any that you think should be added to this resource!


How to influence others

Want to be more convincing? It's an art and a science to get others to see your point of view and sometimes it can be downright challenging! Watch this short video for tips on how to get others to share in your vision. (4 minutes 25 seconds)

Influence videos halfThe essential skills series - Influencing skills

This video (4 minutes 58 seconds) contains information on how to influence people in order to succeed. Created by Accenture for their UK careers service.

Influence videos halfInfluencing up

In this 3 minute 23 second clip David L. Bradford shares his top tips on how to influence your boss and overcome power gaps in his new book "Influencing Up".

Influence videos halfPower and influencing

A different look at how to influence others by not focussing on the words that are said, but on what our body language is saying. (20 minutes 50 seconds).

Influence videos halfSCARF model - influencing others

Using the SCARF model (which is explained within the first 2 minutes) this video looks at how to use this model to influence others. This model is also useful in managing change.

Influence videos halfHow to influence people

Dealing with powerful people can be intimidating. In this 60 second video Dirk Schlimm provides you with three tools you need to connect and get results with key influencers and decision makers.

Influence videos halfTwo powerful ways to influence others

A short video discussing the importance of purpose and confidence when influencing others.

Influence videos half Fierce conversations

In this 3 minute, 49 second video, Susan Scott discusses her top three tips when engaging into "Fierce Conversations" and what to be mindful of when doing so.


How to improve your networking skills

An easy to follow instructional guide to improving business networking - which can easily be applied to any type of networking.

Influence videos half3 tips to keep a conversation going with anyone

3 quick tips that you can put into practice immediately that will enable you to have hold down an interesting conversation with anyone, any time in any place

Influence videos halfHow not to network!

Example of how not to approach business networking events. (1 min 25 seconds)

Influence videos halfHow to network at business events

This video introduces three key questions which will enable you to network effectively at business events. Examples are given to demonstrate the ways in which this can be successful.

Influence videos halfTen questions to ask at networking events

This short video outlines questions to ask when networking at business events. It demonstrates the way in which a business relationship can be formed in ten quick questions.

Influence videos halfSeven tips for effective networking

A closer look at what networking is and why it is critical to your work. Examples of bad networking habits are given followed by instructions on how these can be changed. The video provides seven tips on how to conduct effective networking.

Managing people

Influence videos halfManaging office politics

This video course helps you to be proactive about how to manage the office environment, by better understand the dynamics of how people work together.

Influence videos halfInfluencing others

This course provides you with practical methods to prepare to influence, and to influence in such a way that people want to be influenced by you.

Influence videos halfInfluence without authority

This video gives a four-step approach to influencing people without needing to pull rank.

Useful guides

We subscribe to a Useful Guides library which provides a range of workbooks on a variety of topics. For the full list visit the Useful Guides library website (you will need to enter your username and password to access it), but highlighted below are some guides which may help you with how to influence and network.

Click on any of the images to be taken to the library.


A Useful Guide to Being InfluentialA Useful Guide to Being Influential

It’s frustrating. People aren’t listening. You’re trying to get a message across and their mind is somewhere else. In this Useful Guide you’ll find five simple techniques you can use immediately to get your message across in ways that will make people sit up and take notice.

A Useful Guide to Communicating Effectively (NEW)A Useful Guide to Communicating Effectively (NEW)

This useful guide will give you tools, tips and techniques to help you get the best out of your relationships with others through both written and verbal communication.

A Useful Guide to AssertivenessA Useful Guide to Assertiveness

This useful guide is in a slightly different format to the other guides and is described as a ‘self-instructional’ resource. This style of resource is suitable for some learning styles more than others so please read its’ introductory section fully.

A Useful Guide to Create a New YouA Useful Guide to Create a New You

By going through this useful guide you will be able to identify ways in which making small changes to how you see yourself can impact on how others see you.

A Useful Guide to MotivatingA Useful Guide to Motivating

One of the key challenges many of us face is getting others to do things for us. This useful guide explores different strategies to motivate yourself and others.


A useful guide to networkingA useful guide to networking

Networking is becoming an ever more important skill. This useful guide will take you through what it is, why you should pay attention to this skill and how you can improve and increase your networking skills.

A useful guide to LinkedInA useful guide to LinkedIn

This guide looks at how you can used LinkedIn as part of your strategy for developing networks and building relationships.

A useful guide to work life balanceA useful guide to work life balance

This useful guide looks at how you can achieve a work life balance that suits you.

These are just a selection of the 40 useful guides available.

We really want to hear what you think of these guides, so please fill in the feedback form on the Useful Guides site, or visit our Join the conversation page.

Web resources

As work becomes more complex, integrated and fluid we will find ourselves more dependent than ever on others in order to pursue the extraordinary. Whether seeking funding, attracting students, teaching, delivering on key University priorities there are lots of different people who we will need to engage with and influence to help us achieve our aims. In this environment influencing and networking skills are vital.

The following webpages are a mixture of both thought provoking and practical information on how to influence and network with others.


Influence web halfInfluencing others when you have no authority

This link will take you to a summary of the Cohen-Bradford Influence Model.

Influence web halfInfluencing others when you have no authority

This link will take you to a paper written by Cohen and Bradford which explains their model in full detail taken from the Journal of Organisational Excellence.

Influence web halfA Harvard Business Review blog identifying five different influencing styles

What’s your influencing style?

Influence web half10 effective influencing skills

Blog highlighting 10 effective influencing skills

Influence web halfTop 10 influencing skills

A top 10 list put together by a training and development company - Effective Training and Development

Influence web halfPrinciples of influencing and persuasion

Written for people working in public health this useful short piece covers both the principles and some techniques involved in influencing and negotiating.

Influence web halfThe art of getting others to follow your lead

The art of getting others to follow your lead is a website packed with resources to help you understand the difference between power and influence. It also contains some helpful self-assessments. This site has some particularly useful information to use when looking at planning how to influence others outside of the University or from different countries.

Influence web halfInfluence blog

The Influence Blog includes a range of entries on varied topics relating to becoming more influential.

Influence web halfHow to win friends and influence people

This webpage summarises the key points from the book 'How to win friends and influence people'

Influence web halfSeven tips for speaking the truth to your boss

Speaking to your manager can sometimes be a bit tricky, but here are some top tips for speaking the truth to those in power, ensuring that the conversation goes well. By speaking to managers we influence the way in which our teams.

Influence web halfHow to engage your audience

Speaking to an audience can be daunting, and how you present yourself and your presentation can influence the way in which the audience receive it. Using a real-life example, Scott Watson shares what not to do, in order to show you what you should do.


Influence web halfProfessional networking

These resources explain how you can build and make the most of your networks.

Influence web halfUsing LinkedIn effectively

If you’re not sure about LinkedIn and what it has to offer this website talks you through how to use it to build networks effectively.

Influence web half10 tips for people who hate networking

Useful reading if you really don’t like networking!

Influence web halfHow to network - 12 tips for shy people

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a shy person these down to earth tips could be of great value!

Influence web halfWhat is networking and how do I do it?

Straight forward information on what networking is and how to do it!


If you’re interested in reading about skills that you’d like to develop, below is a book that may be of interest to you. We will be adding to this list over the coming months, but do let us know if you are aware of a good book.

Books halfHow to win friends and influence people - Dale Carnegie

How to Win Friends and Influence People is a classic, bestselling book that has set the bar for people skills manuals. It should be part of every businessperson's bookshelf, but is also useful for anyone looking to improve relationships.

Dale Carnegie posits that no matter your occupation, goals, ambitions of position in a company, dealing with people is your biggest challenge. If you learn how to do so effectively, though, you will reap the rewards in profitability, productivity and morale. It's much better to work together with people, rather than against them. Carnegie explains the best way to criticize people, how best to motivate them and how to become a good conversationalist. He urges the reader to be interested in other people, and strive at all times to make a good first impression. Remember people's names, he suggests, and try to avoid arguments at all costs.

How to Win Friends and Influence People is based on a simple foundation: you cannot change other people, only change the way you relate to them.

Books halfFierce Conversations: Achieving success in work and in life, one conversation at a time

This book details Susan Scott's belief that Fierce Conversations is a way of conducting business, an attitude and a way of life. The book includes exercises and questionnaires and shows how to have conversations that count, including how to bring about real change through talking.