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As work becomes more complex, integrated and fluid we will find ourselves more dependent than ever on others in order to pursue the extraordinary. Whether seeking funding, attracting students, teaching, delivering on key University priorities there are lots of different people who we will need to engage with and influence to help us achieve our aims. In this environment influencing and networking skills are vital.

In the pages there is information for you to use, covering skills development related to how you can influence other people, as well as some examples of these skills in practice. These pages aren’t static, and we will be adding more to them over the coming months. It would be great to hear some of your stories about how you network and work with other people, or how this is supported in your work area, so please get in touch.

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We subscribe to a useful guides library, that has a range of really helpful workbooks on a variety of topics.

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If you only do one thing

Influence one thingRead this summary of the Cohen-Bradford Influence Model.