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This section of the site looks at what it means to be creative and innovative. Innovation and creativity are key parts of the University’s Strategic Plan and Talent First people strategy, and there are lots of inspiring case studies you can read on the breadth and depth of work being carried out across the University.

However, it is easy to slip into viewing innovations as the big, world-changing activities that come out of the research done at Sheffield, but at its simplest level, innovation is just about doing something new. This obviously includes the big things, but it also includes the little changes we make to try new things to help improve how we do our jobs.

If innovating is the act of trying something new, then creativity is the skill of generating new ideas to try out. Creativity is about being inventive and imaginative, but also about having the time and space to think and generate these ideas.

In the pages there is information for you to use, covering skills development related to creativity and innovation, as well as some examples of these skills in practice. These pages aren’t static, and we will be adding more to them over the coming months. It would be great to hear some of your stories about how you create and innovate, or how this is supported in your work area, so please get in touch.

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