Using Recognition Awards

In September 2015, The Deal - Recognition Awards were launched across the University as a way for managers to recognise the contribution of their staff. But how do you make the most of this exciting new scheme?

There are a number of key skill areas for managers to use when making decisions about rewarding staff, and we have collated some resources to help you to make decisions that are fair and justified, as well as communicating these decisions to staff in your teams.

The resources can be found within the following sections of Development Everywhere:

How we make decisions header

How we make decisions

Obviously, giving someone a Recognition Award will involve making a decision, but how do you go about doing this in a way that is fair, based on evidence and leaves people feeling valued and supported?

Resources in this section include ways to identify expectations of the job roles of your staff, assess how far people have gone beyond the expectations of the role, and then actually make decisions that you can stand by.

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Understanding how we impact on others

The decisions you make will have an impact on other people, both the people who receive the award, and the others in your team who don't receive an award.

These resources provide you with tools to help you reflect on how to communicate the decisions that you make to help celebrate the success of people's high performance, as well as dealing with disagreements with decisions in an honest, transparent and confident manner.

The Deal logoThere are a range of resources in each of these sections, but ones that we think will specifically assist you in preparing for Recognition Awards are highlighted with "The Deal" logo.