Section A - Reviewee reflection

Section A of the SRDS is for the reviewee to complete, to summarise their reflections on the past year. It is a really important part of the form, as it will form a key part of the discussion in the meeting. This pages some resources to support the skills reviewees and reviewers to make the most of this conversation.

Skills development resources

SRDS webSRDS guidelines

This page of the HR website contains the formal supporting documentation for the SRDS process.

SRDS eventsSRDS skills for reviewers

SRDS reviewers can attend this learning event, to develop listening, questioning, feedback and objective setting skills.

SRDS webWhat does an effective meeting look like?

This short guide outlines the characteristics of an effective review meeting, but also what an ineffective meeting looks like!

SRDS webOpening the meeting

This guide covers how to get SRDS meetings off to a good start, and avoiding pitfalls that may lead to difficulties later in the meeting.

SRDS webEstablishing rapport

Good discussions are more likely to happen in a relaxed environment, and this document provides ways to understand each others' behaviour preferences, to help the situation feel comfortable.

SRDS videosActive listening

This resource from contains videos about how to develop active listening skills.

SRDS booksThinking fast and slow

This book by Daniel Kahneman seeks to help us understand how we respond to the world, by highlighting the differences between what he defines as System 1 and System 2 thought.

SRDS videosAsking questions

This short video gives you some information on questioning techniques and skills, to help you ask better questions.

SRDS webBarriers to listening

This handout describes a number of different barriers to listening, and will give you the opportunity to think if any of these barriers apply to you.

SRDS eventsSaying what you need to in an SRDS review

This interactive event for reviewees and reviewers will provide you with a tool you can use to get ready to say something that you feel you need to bring up in an SRDS review, so come ready with a topic to prepare for!