Section D - Development

The final section of the form is to record development activity to be undertaken by the reviewee. This development activity can be to do with the objectives that have been set, the content of their job, or it might be more focussed on personal and career development. It is worth bearing in mind that sometimes, not all development needs can be met (particularly if there is a cost associated with them), but they should be discussed and recorded.

The following resources are largely focussed on identifying development needs, and ways to put development in place that will meet these needs.

SRDS webSRDS guidelines

This page of the HR website contains the formal supporting documentation for the SRDS process

SRDS eventsSRDS skills for reviewers

SRDS reviewers can attend this learning event, to develop listening, questioning, feedback and objective setting skills.

Webinar IconSRDS Reviewers webinar

This is a recording of a webinar for SRDS Reviewers that was delivered on 22 June 2016.

It is an ideal introduction to the principle, purpose and process of SRDS both for new Reviewers, and as a refresher for existing Reviewers.

SRDS webMaking your learning work for you

This section of the Development Everywhere website is focussed on understanding individual learning styles and preferences, as we all learn in different ways. This will assist with making sure that the learning is impactful for you.

SRDS videosReflecting on your career

For a more in-depth view into the questions that you can ask yourself for you career plan, take a look at this video uses a mind map to explore what you can do to reflect upon your career and make sure it stays on track to achieve your ultimate goals and objectives.

SRDS guidesA useful guide to career development

This useful guide contains a 'skills and ability audit', which can help to identify and assess skills already heald, and to highlight gaps and areas for development.

SRDS webGetting the most from our resources

This page details departments that provide development for University staff, other than Human Resources.

SRDS webDevelopment activities

We think there are opportunities for development everywhere, and that it isn't just about going on a course. This sheet summarises a range of different development activities that can be undertaken.

SRDS videosCreating Career Opportunities

For questions that you can ask yourself about how you want your career to develop and what steps you should take, have a look at this video, which has access to further information on developing your ‘career brand’ and what you want to achieve.

SRDS videosWriting a career plan

The progress of development can be recorded within a career plan. The framework of a career plan enables you to look at your goals and objectives and set out steps toward obtaining these.

This video contains a working example of how to write a career plan

Supporting the development of your Reviewees

The following resources are aimed at Reviewers, and provide some tools to help you ensure your team are developing in a way that will benefit them and the team as a whole.

SRDS videosHow to use goals to build skills

This video, which is part of a wider course on goal setting, gives you a way to measure whether your reviewees are addressing the skills gaps they need to develop.

SRDS videosCreating the right skills mix

This video gives an in-depth view on the importance of having a mix of skills within a team, and ways to achieve this mix.