Benefits of Mentoring

Purpose of Mentoring

Mentoring is used in organisations to:

  • Aid induction and help new employees acclimatise and integrate into the working environment.
  • Provide support and self-development opportunities for individuals to help them reach their potential.
  • Motivate and encourage members of staff by helping them overcome possible frustration and understand their longer term career track/the organisation’s plans for them.
  • Identify potential and develop future leaders.
  • Facilitate better communications between different parts and tiers of an organisation.
  • Create a harmonious organisational culture.

Benefits of Mentoring

For the mentee:

  • Easier induction into a new job and culture.
  • Gain self-confidence, a sense of self-worth and an understanding of their importance to the organisation.
  • Help in understanding the formal and informal structures of the organisation.
  • Career advice and a role model with regard to advancement – first hand experience of how to focus career aspirations into realistic objectives.
  • Tutorage on higher level processes within the organisation.
  • Developing skills in a structured way based on individual needs.
  • An opportunity to reflect on their own progress and resolve their own problems.
  • Improves professional and personal networks.

For the mentor:

  • Enhanced job satisfaction – stimulating and rewarding fresh challenge, sense of pride in mentee’s achievements.
  • Brings new insights into the organisation/ways of working – access to fresh thinking and new perspectives.
  • Enables demonstration of additional skills in developing other individuals.
  • Public recognition of their skills and expertise.
  • Consolidates and extends professional and personal networks.