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What is GROW? 

The GROW Programme is a cross-University mentoring scheme for all professional services staff in the five faculties and across all central Professional Services departments. Please note that the programme is NOT for academic staff. It is a six-months mentoring programme which runs each year commencing in March. The programme is aimed at helping staff to enhance skills, maximise potential, expand networks and consider career paths by working with others in the University. All grades of staff and levels of experience (including previous participants) are invited to participate.

“My mentor was excellent, exactly the level of person I was hoping to be matched with. We had lengthy chats about work, our department, the Faculty, problems, personal life, everything! I now have a greater understanding of the University and Faculty and have benefited greatly from speaking to someone with my mentor’s experience.”

“I would recommend the scheme to anyone because it is informal, confidential and flexible. You are able to tailor it so you get exactly what you need without feeling under any pressure to meet formal targets.”

“It was a fantastic opportunity to take some time away from the day to day tasks, to consider my progression and development opportunities. It gave me time to reflect on my career whilst being a mentee, but also a mentor as I appreciated the knowledge and experience I had already developed. Overall I feel I have greeted confidence in my ability and feel prepared for the next challenge.”

How does GROW work?

  1. GROW launches in December and registration takes place in January.
  2. Potential mentors and mentees attend a virtual briefing session. Mentors will also have access to training via Blackboard.
  3. Interested staff complete an online application form. Staff can apply to be both a mentor and mentee.
  4. Mentors and mentees will be paired by co-ordinators during partnership meetings. Confidentiality will be maintained throughout.
  5. Matches are announced in March and when both parties are happy to proceed, an introductory meeting will take place (organised by the mentee).
  6. Both parties complete a mentoring agreement form – key points to discuss during the first meeting.
  7. Mentee confirms their objectives.
  8. Mentor and mentee work together on the goals.
  9. Mentors and mentees will meet a minimum of three times (approx. 1.5-2 hours per session over a 3-6 month period which will start from the date of the first meeting).
  10. Complete formal evaluation at the close of the programme.
  11. After the programme closes it is up to both the mentor and mentee whether they continue the programme informally.

Programme Timeline

Launch December
Briefing sessions December and January
Registration January
Matching February
Partnerships announced March
1-to-1 meetings March - August
Evaluation September

To find out more about mentoring, please see our Mentoring web page.