Sheffield Leader: Impact 

Leadership Development Programme

Sheffield Leader: Impact equips those in senior leadership roles with the skills, behaviours, confidence and drive to deliver the University’s ambition for achieving excellence. It helps our leaders create high levels of staff wellbeing, engagement and performance among the teams and individuals they lead and manage.

Sheffield Leader: Impact is designed to complement the Sheffield Leader: Essentials programme.

Future intakes of our Sheffield Leader: Impact Personal programme are currently on hold in response to the impact of Covid-19. We are evaluating when and how we'll recommence the programme and will communicate any updates on our webpages.

Executive Team Development Programme

Our development programme for Executive team development at University, faculty and department level.

Executive team development

Sheffield Leader: Impact Leadership Behaviours

Our leaders are positive role models across the institution and beyond. The behaviours that our leaders exhibit are important in their leadership roles and they will need to deploy a range of leadership behaviours to successfully deliver in their roles and achieve their strategic objectives.

Our Six Leadership Behaviours

Our Leadership Community

As part of the development programme you will join our University-wide community of leaders where you will be able to learn from and support other leaders from across the University. This network of leaders will also encourage collaborative working to deliver innovative and creative solutions to the opportunities and challenges we face.

Join the community