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These pages have been created to help managers fulfil their role as effectively as possible by bringing key policies, procedures, support and development together in one place. 

The resources included are intended to provide support to managers irrespective of the amount of time that you have been a manager for, or your position on the grade structure. If you are brand new to management, or if you are more experienced, then there is something for you here!

Resources are split into three broad sections. Within each section there are links to the actual practical tools, policies and processes you will need to use as a manager. Secondly, each section below will point you to sources of support to help you use the practical tools. Finally, each section guides you towards relevant formal learning that you can undertake.

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Managing others during COVID-19

We understand that to develop their colleagues, managers should have access to up-to-date guidance and information - to find out more on Covid-19 guidance for managers please view the COVID-19 Manager's guidance document.

During this unusual time it is especially important to consider the wellbeing of colleagues. Please see ten top tips for managers to help you integrate wellbeing support for staff into everyday working practices on the Wellbeing web pages.

In addition, our "How to" series offers digitally blended learning modules which can support managers around key themes such as wellbeing, managing change and complexity, and managing remote working. Find out more on the "How to" series web page.

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Managing individuals

This section focuses on the relationships you have with individuals in your teams. It covers the practical elements of dealing with a variety of topics, including sickness absence, reasonable adjustments for disability, performance and reward.

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Managing teams

This section provides you with tools for managing, supporting and motivating the group of individuals that comprise your team. Topics covered include recruiting staff, setting objectives, and planning strategy.

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Managing resources

Your role as manager may require you to look after a budget, or to be responsible for equipment or estates. This section contains tools and sources of support to help you plan and manage these resources efficiently and effectively.

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