SRDS skills

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These pages, which are designed to complement the formal guidance on the SRDS process, cover some of the key skills you need to make your review meetings as productive, constructive and effective as possible.

Guidance on the SRDS Process

These skills pages are designed to complement the formal guidance on the SRDS process. Click below for information on the SRDS policy and your role as a Reviewer or Reviewee.

Policy and role information

Health and Wellbeing

An important part of the SRDS conversation is the wellbeing of the reviewee, especially given the current circumstances and with the majority of staff based at home. Further details on wellbeing support can be accessed on the Wellbeing webpages.

Further wellbeing support

Skills for Reviewees

To help prepare for the SRDS meeting, consider these resources and skills for Reviewees.

SRDS skills for reviewees

Tips for reviewers and reviewees

Some top tips for reviewers and reviewees, to help make the review meeting as useful as possible.

SRDS Tips for Reviewers and Reviewees

Conducting an SRDS virtually

See our tips to consider when setting up a virtual SRDS session.

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Book onto a Skills for Reviewers Session

The People Development team are supporting reviewers to develop their skills in SRDS Conversations. To access learning and live sessions for this, please click below.

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