Executive Team Development Programme

This leadership programme is dedicated to the development of teams at a University, faculty and departmental level. It is based on the current challenges and opportunities faculties and departments are facing and aims to provide real value to leaders and their executive teams.

Executive team development enables leaders to work on real and current institutional challenges and gives participants the space to deliver outcomes that strengthen alignment between their collective leadership role and responsibilities and the University Executive Board’s (UEB) strategic priorities. They will gain a wide and current understanding of the institution and contribute collectively to its focus on excellence and ambition.

All department executive teams will be invited to participate in this programme over the next few years. During 2019 and 2020, priority will be given to academic department executive teams.

Structure of the programme

There are three programme options available for executive teams. Below is an overview of the development pathway through each option together with further details including a description of the workshops and sessions.

Head of Department Coaching

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Head of Department Leadership Coaching path

Executive Team Group Coaching

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Executive Team Group Coaching path

Executive Team Programme

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Executive Team Programme path