People Development - Our Vision


Our Purpose:

People Development are part of the Organisational Development team at the University of Sheffield. We work closely with our colleagues in Human Resources, and across the organisation, to understand emerging development areas and needs, to provide support for all staff..

We want to encourage all colleagues to access and engage with professional learning and development opportunities wherever possible.

This can be enabling colleagues to consider ‘On the Job’ learning, engaging with interactive online resources and materials, accessing digitally blended learning modules, and face to face interventions like mentoring, shadowing or attending open learning sessions.


Our Mission:

With a brand new vision and values for the University, which places people at the heart of what we do, we know that supporting colleagues to fulfil their potentials is vital. We will support and foster a culture in which everyone is united around our shared vision, values and common purpose, and in which individuals are active participants and stakeholders in the success of the University.

We will do this by supporting staff in developing their own and others’ skills, behaviour and knowledge, to realise their potential and achieve individual, team and University ambitions.


What we do:

We work in partnership with our Organisational Development and Human Resources services teams to provide and signpost to a wide range of services and support. We specifically work closely with colleagues in Staff Wellbeing and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, to ensure that all of our development portfolio integrates emerging needs and best practice in these areas, collaborating to support colleagues in looking after their own and other’s wellbeing and in creating an inclusive culture.

Our provision currently focuses around providing digitally blended learning modules open for all managers and colleagues to access flexibly, delivering high quality leadership development programmes and supporting continuous professional development through a range of tools and resources that colleagues can access “on the job”. We also support colleagues to consider and participate in social learning and networking opportunities, for example the GROW mentoring programme.

We also support people development through existing structures and procedures such as Induction for new staff and SRDS.


Who we are:

We are a team of Learning and Development professionals, with specific Higher Education sector experience and interest, with varied professional and Human Resources backgrounds. You can find out more about who we are by visiting our People Development team page.

We work with colleagues in Human Resources to understand development needs and respond with advice and support. To find out more about Human Resources, please visit our HR home page.

We work with a range of partners and providers, both internally and externally, to ensure that our approach is connected with University vision and ambitions, as well as considering best practice when delivering high quality development opportunities.

Such internal partners include Corporate Communications, Elevate, Think Ahead, Student Support Services, and colleagues across Human Resources and Organisational Development.

For more information on our partners, please visit the page highlighted in the additional support section below.


How we work:

The below principles guide how we work as a team:

1. The provision that we offer is aligned to the University’s values, vision and ambitions.
2. Responsibility for developing staff is a shared one.

  • Individuals have primary responsibility for their own development.
  • Line managers have a responsibility for identifying and enabling learning opportunities for individuals to best support their performance towards agreed objectives and any ongoing development.
  • Development providers, such as People Development, have a responsibility to support all staff in creating and fostering inclusive environments, where people can be active participants in their own learning.

3. We work flexibly with our stakeholders and partners to clarify and agree sponsorship of any development needs.
4. We consult, co-design and commission any development collaboratively, where appropriate.
5. We seek to evaluate the impact of development to identify any common themes, trends or gaps, to further align and enhance other or future development offers.
6. We utilise our experience to inform our work with you; we therefore ensure that our own development is considered, and best practice sought and shared in the team here, to allow for creativity and innovation in recommended development approaches.


Additional Support and resources referenced above:

Who can I talk to about Development?

If you have a query about development, we would encourage you to contact your HR representative in the first instance to discuss. The People Development team partners with HR Services to respond fully to such queries. Alternatively, please contact the People Development team directly at