Welcome to The Deal


WhatIsTheDeal It's the pay, rewards and many benefits you earn for being a valued member of our University and by being ambitious and performing at your best.

Join us as a member of staff at the University and you will have access your own personalised reward portal. Here you can see everything that is available to you in one place including:

  • A personalised Total Reward Statement helping you understand how you are valued.
  • Details of all of those additional benefits you can access by being a valued member of staff and contributing to the University.
  • Details of the reward and recognition strategy and policies that underpin and sit within The Deal.
  • Access to professional and personal management and leadership development through Develop. Manange. Lead. also accessible here.
  • Find out what else is going on and how you can get involved in our diverse community.

The Deal recognises the contribution staff members make to the success of the University and aims to provide flexibility to its staff to choose benefits that support their lifestyle.

Find out more about what is available to you from the information below:

RewardReward and Recognition Pay & Policies: Find out more about our pay structures and reward policies such as Promotion and the Professorial and Professorial Equivalent Salary Review processes here.

MutualWe are fully committed to helping working parents to balance work and family life. Find out about how we can help below.

Flexible Working Opportunities: Ability to request flexible working arrangements to improve the balance between life and work.
Enhanced Family Leave: Access enhanced leave entitlements that provide you with generous packages that go beyond the statutory requirements (including Maternity and Paternity Leave).

DevelopDevelop, Manage, Lead: Access to professional and personal management and leadership development.

In our Talent First: Delivering the Difference strategy we have promised to “provide our ambitious staff with opportunities to develop their talents and realise their dreams, drawing on the skills and potential of the widest possible range of colleagues to maximise the benefits of difference."

Community Get Involved. Be inspired and entertained by events on a range of different topics.

We host hundreds of events all over the city each year. Our events are for everyone and many of them are free. Click here to see 'What's On' at the University.

FlexibleHow can you make the most of The Deal?

Working at the University of Sheffield brings many benefits, and our success relies on the talent and contributions of all staff. We're aware that one size doesn't fit all and so provide a range of benefits so you can choose those that suit you and your lifestyle.  Click here to see how to make the most of The Deal.