2016-17 Pay Negotiations

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The 2016-2017 national pay negotiations have now concluded. UNISON, Unite and GMB have all settled the pay round. UCU have noted the outcome and consider negotiations to be at an end.

The pay award was implemented in September’s payroll with arrears to August 2016, for staff of the University of Sheffield Grading Structure, and the Professorial and Professorial Equivalent Pay Schemes. The pay award is 1.1% for all but the first 7 points on the grading scheme, where larger increases will apply (see below for details)

The offer also includes deletion of point 1 on the national by spine which the University is in discussions with the trade unions and further information regarding this change will follow in due course.

The pay uplift is above inflation for all staff and ensures that University of Sheffield staff on the grading structure continue to be paid at or above the National Living Wage rate of £7.20 per hour.

National Pay Spine Point  % Uplift  Equivalent Hourly Rate

3.1% (Following the deletion of point 1 this increase will be 5.1%)

2 3.1% £8.25
3 2.7% £8.42
4 2.7% £8.59
5 2.2% £8.75
6 1.7% £8.93
7 1.6% £9.11
all other points 1.1%

The full grading structure is available on our Pay and Grading webpages.

The national pay award is just one component of the total reward package that staff at the University receive as part of The Deal, which includes pay progression for contribution for staff on Grades 1 to 9 each year, the opportunity for accelerated increments for exceptional contribution, recognition awards and a wide range of other benefits. For more information you can access your personalised total reward portal via Muse.