2019-20 Pay Negotiations

Pay Negotiations Commence

The five HE trade unions submitted their joint pay claim in advance of three pay negotiation meetings on 26 March, 11 April and 30 April 2019.  The latest press release from UCEA, detailing the final offer made by employers following the final negotiation meeting can be found here

The final employer offer includes an award of 1.8% with weighting of up to 3.65% on lower points, including the deletion of point 2 of the national spine (the University's Grade 1.2). This would bring the University's lowest spinal point at a rate in line with the current Voluntary Living Wage Foundation rate of £9.00 per hour.  The offer also includes joint work and actions on gender and ethnicity pay, the casual workforce and workload issues. 

The five HE trade unions (UCU, UNISON, Unite, GMB and EIS in Scotland) submitted their joint pay claim in advance of the negotiating process. They are now consulting with their members and branches on whether to accept or reject the final offer. It is likely that this process will run until June. If the trade unions reject the final offer a dispute resolution process will most likely follow involving further meetings between the parties.

In addition, the University is working locally on a range of matters which are of concern to trade unions and colleagues across the sector to find ways to address areas such as academic workload pressures, stress and mental health concerns, casual working and career progression for academic staff. We will continue to engage with staff and our local trade unions on these matters.