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Reward and recognition panels

Departmental Reward and Promotions Panel (DRRP)


 To consider and make recommendations on all cases relating to reward and promotions. This includes proposals for acceleration or withholding of incremental progression, and promotions that fall within the annual process. The DRPP is also the body that determines local policy and oversees spend on Recognition Awards.


Normally includes all members of the Departmental Executive Team plus HR rep; however, HoDs may determine a constitution they consider appropriate for this purpose. It should be a balanced group of appropriate seniority to the posts under review, containing at least 5 people and including professional services manager(s).

Reward & Recognition Faculty Panel

The Faculty Panel will approve all decisions regarding Pay, Reward and Promotion within their Faculty for staff on grades 1-9 prior to final ratification by the University Reward and Recognition Panel (URRP).

The Faculty Panel will also be responsible for reviewing and recommending to the University Reward and Recognition Panel (URRP):

  • Promotions to Personal Chair; and
  • Recommendations from the Professorial Salary Review, (bonuses, salary increases and re-bandings).

The Panel will consider academic and professional rigour and ensure that cases across the Faculty and are of equal merit in terms of Teaching, Research and also Leadership and Management. The panel will have consideration of the University’s grade profiles in considering cases for pay progression, reward and promotion.

The Faculty Panel will consider and approve (or reject) cases made by departments, ensuring fairness in application across Departments.

Borderline cases will be referred to the URRP for further discussion and final decision.

Recommended Membership

  • Vice President & Head of Faculty
  • Director of Faculty Operation
  • Faculty Director of Research & Innovation
  • Faculty Director of Learning & Teaching
  • Senate Member or nominated cognate Head of Department
  • HR Manager

The Chair of the Faculty Panel may consider inviting a Professor external to the University in a relevant discipline to act as a ‘critical friend’ to the decision-making process.

University Reward & Recognition Panel (URRP)

Purpose and Remit:

To receive, review and approve the decisions and recommendations put forward across the University in relation to the annual reward and recognition review.

Terms of Reference:

  • Receive summary data to confirm the decisions made by Faculty and Professional Services Panels within Grades 1 to 9.
  • Formally review and approve the recommendations to or within Professorial and Professorial Equivalent bands put forward. 
  • Ensure overall University wide consistency in the number and quality of cases put forward by Faculties and Professional Services areas, including ensuring alignment to the overall performance of each area.
  • Evaluate the impact on gender pay and bonus gap of decisions made and recommendations put forward.
  • Review any decisions or recommendations (at all grades and bands) that fall outside of the standard guidance, ensuring that any decisions are justifiable and are not detrimental to the reputation of the University.
  • Review and make a decision on any borderline cases submitted.
  • Monitor the numbers, types and costs of any in year retention and salary increase cases which would normally have been reviewed at URRP.

Reports to:

The President & Vice-Chancellor


  • Provost & Deputy Vice Chancellor (Chair)
  • All UEB members
  • HR Representatives