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We want to recognise the excellent contribution you make to the success of the University. 

The Recognition Awards complement the other tools in the reward and recognition framework and provide a flexible, responsive and transparent means of recognising and rewarding staff contribution via a range of awards. It is also linked to the values and behaviours of The Sheffield Professional; details of which can be found here.

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Overview of recognition awards

The Recognition Awards allow your manager to recognise and reward you for the contribution you make as an individual and as part of a team. 

Recognition AwardsYou will also be able to use the Recognition Awards to send a “thank you” e-card to any employee in the University and your message will be copied to the recipient’s line manager.

Responsibility for decision making about the awards is devolved to Departments and a dedicated budget has been provided to allow your managers to make immediate decisions which recognise excellent contribution in the areas which are important to you locally.

How do I access the Recognition Awards?

You can access the Recognition Awards through The Deal via myServices.

Once you enter The Deal home screen, the Recognition Awards link is the 2nd Icon under the Reward & Recognition tab.

Types of rewards

The Recognition Awards include a range of awards to suit different types of recognition and to appeal to different tastes incorporating individual choice as much as possible.

The awards range include a formal e-card thank you, small gifts, annual leave (either half a day or a full day of leave), gift vouchers (in denominations of £50, £75 or £100), additional payments (paid via payroll of £150, £200 or £250) and a range of team awards.

The range of awards should give you and your managers the ability to appropriately recognise different types and impacts of the contribution of your staff to the Department and University.

Team Awards

Bookings for team awards

There are a range of Team Awards for which staff can be nominated. To view details of the Team Awards please select Reward Options from the main menu on the portal page or Types of Award under the Manager's Area.

If you have selected the Afternoon Tea or Prosecco Afternoon Tea, a meal at the University Arms, Lunch at INOX Dine or any event in the INOX Lounge vouchers will be delivered to you to distribute to your Team Members. Once the vouchers are received, teams can book their event.

Cancellation process for individuals and teams on group bookings

Please be advised if you are booked onto a Team Award, it is  your responsibility to cancel if you can no longer attend. Further information on our cancellation policy can be found here.

User guides

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Development Everywhere

Dev Everywhere SmallDevelopment Everywhere

There are a number of key skill areas for managers to use when making decisions about rewarding staff, and we have collated some resources to help you to make decisions that are fair and justified, as well as communicating these decisions to staff in your teams.

There are a range of resources in each of the following sections of Development Everywhere, but ones that we think will specifically assist you with recognising contribution through the recognition awards are highlighted with "The Deal" logo.

How we make decisions

Obviously, giving someone a recognition award will involve making a decision, but how do you go about doing this in a way that is fair, based on evidence and leaves people feeling valued and supported?  Resources in this section include ways to identify expectations of the job roles of your staff, assess how far people have gone beyond the expectations of the role, and then actually make decisions that you can stand by.

Understanding how we impact on others

The decisions you make will have an impact on other people, both the people who receive the award, and the others in your team who don't receive an award. These resources provide you with tools to help you reflect on how to communicate the decisions that you make to help celebrate the success of people's high performance, as well as dealing with disagreements with decisions in an honest, transparent and confident manner.

Tips for making a recognition award

Tips for making a recognition award

When making a nomination for a Recognition Award or simply saying thank you through the recognition award scheme, the following tips may help your nomination have more impact:

  1. Be genuine. Only make a nomination when you think the recipient genuinely deserves the recognition.
  2. Be timely. Try to recognise the individual as soon as you can after the contribution or accomplishment. This makes the link between the behaviour and the reward clear.
  3. Be specific. While a “thank you” is always welcome and will have even greater impact if you describe the accomplishment and the value that it created. (For example, “Based on student nominations from the feedback questionnaires we'd like to acknowledge your excellent contributions to teaching this year. Thanks for all your help!”
  4. Keep it proportionate. Make sure the type and amount of recognition is appropriate for the behaviour which is being recognised.
  5. PresentPersonalise it if you can. The Deal – Recognition Awards do allow recipients some choice in the award they receive within categories, however, remember that different people are motivated by different things, and appreciate different things. Some people appreciate being recognised publicly; others may become embarrassed. One person might enjoy a gift; another might prefer additional annual leave or a voucher.
  6. Communicate. Consider how you will communicate the award within the Department including clear information about why the award was given.

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