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Grow with the flow this August!

August can be one of the best months to head out into the garden, with the flowers in full bloom, crops just about reaching perfection and the weather (hopefully) lovely and warm.  This month we are looking into the many benefits of getting your green fingers on and spending some time at one with nature.  We'll explore ways you can get involved with community gardening projects, and how you can enjoy some greenery even without a garden!

Gardening Group Intro Session

Join us for this introductory gardening session with the EFM landscape team!

You will have the opportunity to create your own mini bottle garden and have your say in what you'd like to see from an ongoing Juice Gardening Group - book your place here:

Take notice

Spending time in the garden can really stimulate all of our senses – bursting with colour, texture, scents, sounds and even tastes, the garden is full of interesting detail that can allow us to escape from daily pressures. Next time you’re in the garden, take 5 minutes to take notice of a particular plant – notice the colour of the petals, the smell of the flower, the shape of the leaves.


Getting involved in community gardening and local conservation projects is a great way to connect with new and like-minded people. Gardening in a group with a shared focus sparks teamwork and co-operation, and can help you to build positive social connections with those around you.

Connecting with nature and the environment is also hugely beneficial for our mental health. By reacquainting ourselves with the great outdoors we give ourselves time for quiet reflection and meditation.

To get involved in some local conservation projects, join the Sheffield Conservation Volunteers - The group meets every Sunday to work on practical conservation projects in the community, with projects including dry stone walling, tree planting, cleaning ponds and lots more.


There are plenty of opportunities to give to others in the world of horticulture. Whether it’s volunteering your time, sharing your cuttings and produce or just offering some advice, giving to others and practicing generosity can benefit not only the receiver but you as well – you might even get something great in return!

Keep learning

The wonderful thing about gardening is that you really can learn something new every day. By keeping the mind active, gardening can provide significant stimulation for the brain helping us to keep our minds sharp and our attention focused.

Learning new skills, or practicing and refining old ones, is key to both personal and professional growth. It keeps us interested and focused and boosts confidence, and most importantly, is FUN!

Don't have a garden of your own? No bother! Check out our tips below for getting your green fingers on without a garden:

Gardening infogram

Be active

It is recommended that adults should do 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week, and gardening can be a great way to achieve this. Whether you’re digging up some weeds or trimming the hedge, gardening puts you through a range of movements helping to build strength and increase stamina. If you’re stretched for time, try for 15 minutes of gardening in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening – doing this Monday-Friday alone will allow you to reach the exercise recommendation whilst maintaining a lovely garden – win win!

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