Our Juice activity bookings platform is changing...

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  1. When does the new booking platform go live?

    The new site will go live from Wednesday 25 September 2019 for staff to make bookings for wellbeing activities from October onwards. Staff can access the new site in the usual method, through logging into MUSE.

  2. Will I need to create a profile on the new platform?

    Login to the new platform will be a single sign-on through MUSE, so you won’t need to create an account. If you do experience any problems logging in, you can contact the support team at, or by calling x26996.

  3. How do I access the new booking platform?

    The new booking platform will be accessible, in the usual way, through logging into MUSE and following the Juice link. Please note that you will need to replace any bookmarked links to the current Juice booking platform.

  4. Have any of my activities been cancelled?

    No, the activity programme will transfer across in its current format so all of your favourite activities will still be available to book for free.
    Whilst we finalise the move, activities will be added on a daily basis so please keep checking back to book on your preferred session. From 7th October onwards you will be able to view and book up to six days in advance.

  5. How can I book September activities after Wednesday 25 September?

    Don’t worry, during the move you will be able to book any September wellbeing and fitness activities, through the current platform:

  6. How do I view my existing bookings on the old Juice platform?

    Please use the below URL to access the old Juice Platform.  Here you will be able to book September activities and view your existing bookings in th 'Profile' tab.

  7. Can I book my activity classes in advance?

    The new booking system will allow staff to book up to six days in advance of activities for the week - giving everyone the opportunity to try something new.

  8. How do I cancel an activity booking?

    On the new platform you can simply click on the ‘My Profile’ box - here you’ll be able to see all of your upcoming bookings and cancel any sessions you can no longer make.

  9. Have the venues changed for any of the activities?

    No, the venues will remain the same although sometimes, due to availability, changes may need to be made so please keep an eye out for any updates ahead of your chosen activities.

  10. Is there a limit on how many activities I can book in advance?

    There is no limit on the number of activities that you can book, however you will only be able to book activities up to six days in advance so remember to check back regularly for updates.