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Juice - Seasonal Goodwill

Juice are holding events and activities throughout December to encourage goodwill as part of fundraising efforts for the Sheffield Scanner Appeal.

This aligns with one of our Principles from the 5 ways to wellbeing – Give.

Goodwill and Wellbeing

13th December: Stitch for Sheffield Scan - Juice Craft Exhibition and Fayre!

The Juice Needlework Group are hosting a Fayre and exhibition on Wednesday 13th December on The Ground Floor Exhibition Space in the Diamond (by the café). Stalls are open at 9am, and traders will be there throughout the day.

All staff are welcome to attend and help us raise funds for our Sheffield Scanner.

18th December: Festive Juice Walking Session for Sheffield Scan!

Our Staff Walking Group are hosting a special winter walk on Monday 18th December at 1:15pm, to raise money for the Sheffield Scan Appeal.

To take part and book on, please visit the Juice Platform here.

For details of fundraising are here.

Juice - Keep well this Winter!

This December we want to encourage staff to take the time to give to one another but also to give to themselves. This time of year can be challenging and very busy for some, as such we wanted to outline our thoughts on how to make the most out of this festive season, and above all, to stay healthy and well.

Active Wellbeing:

Whilst we can all enjoy the festive food treats, Christmas parties and an eggnog or two this season, it’s important to remember to take care of our health and avoid falling into the winter slump.

Where possible try to keep your diet balanced by having healthy snacks on hand, as well as the occasional mince pie in moderation. Following the 80:20 rule is a simple way of maintaining good nutrition habits this Christmas – eating healthily 80% of the time, and enjoying those treats 20% of the time.

When it comes to alcohol, ensure that you stay aware of what you are drinking. NHS guidelines suggest men shouldn’t drink more than 3 – 4 units a day, and women should not exceed 2 – 3 units per day. When drinking ensure you stay hydrated by alternating alcoholic drinks with drinks of water or soft drinks.

Our Juice activity sessions will cease over the University break, but staying active where possible this winter will help maintain good energy levels, mood, overall fitness and health.

With the evenings getting darker, why not take the opportunity to get away and have a midday walk? Alternately see our colleagues at Goodwin Sport Centre for special membership options at this time of year.

For more information and guidance on nutrition please visit our Health Hub. 

To book onto sessions until 22nd December, please click here.

Financial Wellbeing:

This time of year can be stretching on the purse strings, and with financial pressures or concerns contributing to common mental health conditions, it’s important you look after yourself as well as your bank balance this Christmas.
Here are some Juice suggestions on how to squeeze the most out of Christmas expenditure:

1. Make a plan and budget for food and social events – what can you afford? (rather than what you desire), and can you share the costs with others by pooling together?

2. Decide who you really need to buy for – once you have your list, set budgets per person, or perhaps introduce the idea of Secret Santa to family or friend groups.

3. Get crafty – Homemade gifts are unique, and often most appreciated. Why not try making and gifting baked goods, arts and crafts, or even vouchers promising day trips out.

4. Give to those who really need it instead – If your friends and family’s houses are full of goods already, why not make a donation in their name to a charity of yours or their choice?

For discounts and rewards, University of Sheffield staff have access to The Deal – check out offers on their page that could save you money this season.

Connecting with others:

Although the festive season is known as the season of goodwill in reality it can be chaotic and difficult for some. It may be the one time in the year when we spend time with relatives and others who hold very different opinions to ourselves. Where possible try to spend time with those whose company you value and enjoy. Where this isn’t always possible, ensure that there are fun activities on hand and avoiding triggers such as consuming too much alcohol and speaking about topics that may be sensitive.

For some this season can also be one of the loneliest. If you find yourself on your own for Christmas there are many things you can do to make it special. Plan to spend time doing things that make you happy whether it is country walking, watching a favourite movie or travelling.Christmas is a great time to be sociable but if you feel lonely it can be helpful to speak to a friend or family member.

Our Staff Advice and Counselling Helpline is open 365 days a year, with dedicated support on hand to help you manage this Festive Period – for details on this service please see here.

However you decide to spend Christmas, we hope that you find joy and peace, and stay healthy and well!