Health Assessment Questionnaires

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Advice and guidance about Health Assessment Questionnaires.

All new employees undertake a Health Assessment Questionnaire. This process is managed by Departmental Recruiters. The questionnaire is to assesses the individual’s fitness for the job role which they have been offered and ensures appropriate health advice and guidance can be provided.

The Health Assessment Questionnaire seeks to:
• Advise on job adjustments required to accommodate relevant disability
• Ensure an applicant’s health will not be affected by the job role
• Check whether an applicant’s health is compatible with the job role
• Ensure that applicants meet any required safety standards

All Health Assessment Questionnaires are completed via the HML online portal. This process replaces the pre-employment health screening questionnaire which has been part of eRecruitment.

The downloadable guides on this webpage will help you to understand the Health Assessment process and make best use of this service.

1. How To Register: A guide to creating an account on the HML online portal.

2. Online User Guide: A step-by-step guide to using the HML online portal (pages 10-13).

3. Reference Manual: Detailed guidance on the Health Assessment process (pages 3-6).

4. Guide to the HAQ Addendums: A guide to choosing the correct questionnaires for staff.

5. HML Terminology and Acronyms: Glossary for terminology and acronyms used by HML

6. HML Online Portal: Link to HML's website.

For any queries relating to the above, please email or your HR Team.