Ill Health Retirement

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Advice and guidance about Ill Health Retirement

Where a member of staff becomes too unwell to continue in their role, or to undertake other work on an ongoing basis, ill health retirement may be an appropriate route. An ill health retirement referral will be made after a standard management referral, and after all other options to retain the member of staff in work have been explored.

Advice and Information for staff:

To qualify for ill health retirement, you will need to meet the criteria set by the pension scheme to which you belong (USS or UPSS). As part of this process, it will be necessary to obtain information from the Occupational Health Physician and your GP/Specialist regarding your current health and future prognosis. If you have any queries regarding the ill health retirement process, you should speak to your line manager or your HR team in the first instance.

Advice and Information for Managers:

If you are making an ill health retirement referral for a member of staff, please note that the relevant pension forms should be attached to the referral. Please check with your HR team to ensure all appropriate documentation is included before submitting the referral on HML’s online portal.

The downloadable guides on this webpage will help you to understand the Ill Health Retirement process and enable you to make the best use of this service.

1. How To Register: A guide to creating an account on the HML online portal.

2. Online User Guide: A step-by-step guide to using the HML online portal (pages 4-9).

3. Reference Manual: Detailed guidance on the ill health retirement process (pages 10-11).

4. HML Online Portal: Link to HML's website.

For any queries relating to the above please email or your HR Team.