Juice FAQs

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  1. Is Juice just about providing activities for staff?

    Juice is the University’s health and wellbeing offer for staff. Whilst a main component of this is to offer accessible, varied and fun activities for staff to attend, Juice also aims to raise awareness of health and wellbeing issues and trends, from an organisational, local and national level. We do this by providing all staff with access to the Health Hub, which details current articles, news and campaigns.

  2. Where do activities take place?

    Locations for activities vary. Bootcamps take place in Weston Park, Walking Group also start their route here. Spin classes, Walking Football, Netball and Swimming all take place within the grounds of Goodwin Sport Centre. Pilates, Tai Chi, Yoga and Meditation rotate around appropriately identified spaces on campus. Book Group, Choir and Needlework are all based in and around campus too. 

  3. Who are the trainers?

    All trainers are employees or contracted professional individuals with appropriate qualifications and credentials to lead and facilitate their respective classes. For full details of trainers please see the relevant activity listing and description on the Juice Platform.  

  4. What do I need to take with me to activities?

    For activities where secure access is in place, you should take your staff ID badge. You will then be asked to sign a register for attendance logs. For more intensive physical activities, you may want to bring refreshments, and should take a change of appropriate sports or fitness wear. For Yoga and Pilates, it is advisable to bring your own mat if you own one. For meditation you may want to bring a wrap or additional layer of clothing to stay warm in a static position.  

  5. What is the cost?

    The majority of all Juice offers are free to attend. Where groups enter additional competitions or want to continue sessions outside the Juice offer, there may be further costs incurred. Should any members of staff want to use Goodwin Sport Centre as a full member, there are options for staff membership, which is discounted from public rate.

  6. Are there any other/new activities regularly updated?

    Juice works with trainers to assess what we offer and put on new activities periodically throughout the year.  

  7. How do I provide feedback on activities/trainers?

    We always welcome your feedback on activities and trainers, you can provide this on the Juice platform by completing a star rating and adding any comments you may have. Your feedback is reviewed regularly to ensure that all activities are delivering the best of what Juice has to offer.

    Should you have any additional feedback, queries or suggestions, please do get in touch with the team directly at juice@sheffield.ac.uk.